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Size Doesn’t Matter: 20+ Examples That Cats Are Always Cats

We all know that domestic cats are distant relatives of lions, tigers, panthers, jaguars and other big cats. Relatives should have common features, and in this case there are plenty of them. We offer you to see funny photos that will prove that size does not matter, and cats always remain cats.

Sitting in a box – what cat doesn’t like that?

Where else can you stay with such comfort?

For cats, a box is a luxury apartment


Not a box of course, but the meaning is the same

The main thing is to get your head in

What else do cats love besides boxes? For someone to scratch their belly

Paradisaic delight

Any part of the body can be caressed.

If no one wants to do this, cats can take care of themselves.

Daytime sleep is vital.

Having gained strength, you can play

Any item will do …

… after all, any cat still represents prey instead

There is nothing at hand, that is, with a paw? It’s okay, there is the paw itself