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Raggiana Bird-Of-Paradise, An Extraordinary Bird With Silky Bronze Plumage, Yellow Crown, And Dark Emerald-Green

The Raggiana bird-of-paradise is undoubted one of the most distinctive birds in its range. Beautiful silky bronze plumage, a bright yellow crown, and a dark emerald-green throat can always make it conspicuous whenever it is.

This stunning bird is also known for long black tail feathers and large flank plumes. They look so striking in the world of birds.

Unlike the male, female birds are drab maroonish-brown. They don’t have beautiful long tail wires, too.

Do you know that New Guinea is the paradise of this stunning Raggiana bird-of-paradise? It’s commonly found in the moist tropical forests of the southern and northeastern of the country.

Additionally, this outstanding bird is called Kumul and is considered the national bird of New Guinea.

These birds feed on fruit and arthropods. They also eat berries, leaves, and small animals, such as lizards and frogs.

During their mating season, male birds perform “dance” in leks (tall slender trees) to attract the female. After finding mates, female birds are in charge of building their nests and lay eggs. They incubate their eggs (one or two) for about 18 days.

You can watch the video of these stunning birds below.

H/T: One Big Birdcage