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Photo well, 100% innocent animals

We all love surprises! But there is always a tiny chance that the surprise that you can get by leaving your pet alone at home will not please you.  😀Look!

Yes, I actually came a second before you.

Yes, it was not me, what are you doing!

Great, isn’t it?

Yes, I don’t know, I just came up myself …

Well, can you go out already?

Hey! I ‘m waiting for you  here  🙂

And where did you think we should sit?


Oh, is that all to me?

I don’t know how it turned out on my head! And in general now I will pay, have pity on me.

I am guarding your chair.

Sit down, what are you standing for?

Come on, they were ugly anyway!

Have you noticed me? Well, okay!