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Lion Spotted Grinning When Mating With Its Lioness In The Maasai Mara National Reserve

To any wildlife photographer, nothing is better than capturing the special moments of wild animals. These may become “once-in-a-lifetime” photos in his career and make a name for themselves.55-year-old photographer Vclav Ilha did such a great job. Recently, he snapped on his camera the grinning face of a lion when mating with its lioness in the Massai Mara National Reserve in Kenya.

The lion is standing on his hind legs while the lioness is lying on the ground.

As you can see, the lion smiles happily and proudly with all the teeth when it prepares to mount its mate. This facial expression shows that the lion is in a highly aroused stated.

“As soon as the female is ready to mate, she would raise her tail and provoke him by rubbing him or crawling at his feet. The male follows her impatiently, for the female leaves behind a strong odor.” Ilha said

Do you know that the mating session of lions lasts up to 5 days? Lions mate around 200 times with a 20-minute break between each.

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H/T: Earth Wonders