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Incredibly Rare Snowy Owl Spotted in Carlisle, Pennsylvania

Snowy owls are strikingly beautiful with fluffy and thick white feathers flecked with black. These big birds are commonly found in the Arctic and parts of Canada. And you may see them somewhere on social media.

Recently, however, a rare snowy owl has been spotted outside Carlisle, Pennsylvania. It caused quite an uproar!

The incident grasped the attention of a dozen bird lovers and photographers from all over. They came here to see the stunning bird.

Actually, a snowy owl was once reported to see in Seattle, Montreal, and Ocracoke.

Snowy owls are very big. They are among the heaviest owl species in North America. The reason is quite easy to explain. They need to have a thick coat to stand the cold Arctic climate.

This species has powerful wings with a wingspan of 4-5 feet. This enables them to silently sneak up on or chase prey.

These owls also have a hooked beak that is used for gripping prey and tearing flesh. Noticeably, the bristles on the beak help them sense nearby objects.

The feet of these big white birds are also worth mentioning. They are covered with feathers, enabling them to thrive in the Arctic temperatures.

The older the snowy owls get, the whiter their feathers are. This is typically seen in the male.

Male birds are whiter than females. They may become completely white but the female doesn’t.

Let’s share this article to make more people notice this stunning fluffy creature!

H/T: Kingdomstv