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Harsh pictures of the everyday life of bears in Russia

Many foreigners imagine Russians with a balalaika and vodka in their hands, and on his head he must wear a hat with earflaps. But what is missing … 🤔 Of course! Nearby sits his best friend – a bear. 😁 And you know, in some ways, after all, these ideas are true … Catch photos of the usual everyday life of a bear from Russia! 😂

Chores first 😜

And the car broke down again …

Well, snack time

– They say you have bears on the roads. – Well, what are you! We have no roads! 😅

Business lunch in the park 😎

Everywhere these paparazzi will get it

It’s good to sit in nature with a friend like that!

Chef, take it home!

Few people know, but bears have a strong thirst for knowledge. 😄

Well, what if not your own? Don’t be afraid, go chat 😉

Selfie with friends

So the day has passed. It’s time to have a drink on the side too! 😉