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Dogs Join Their Dad And Baby Sister In Remaking The Best “Lion King” Moment

Our dogs are very smart, affectionate, and supportive. They are always ready to join their owner on adventures. The reason is simple. They love accompanying their humans on everything they do. They will have a good time together and tighten their bond, too.

Kenai and Kono, two sweet pups in today’s post are an excellent example. Both helped their dad and baby sister in remaking one of the best moments from “Lion King”. And they nailed it.

Kenai and Kono are currently living in Florida with their parents, Mandi and Jeremy Johnson who are professional dog trainers. The two adorable dogs are always loved and cared for in their family.

Recently, they have welcomed a new member to their family, their baby sister, Malia. To mark the occasion, Jemery decided to recreate the iconic Simba and Raifiki scene from “Lion King”.

When Jemery asked Kenai and Kono for help in the scene, they agreed in just a second. They were happy to play the parts of her animal admirers.

“The ‘Lion King’ recreation is something we always wanted to try once we had a kiddo, so this was our chance!” Jeremy told The Dodo.

And this recreation would be one of the most fantastic gifts to announce the arrival of the baby girl. Since then, the friendship between the trio Kenai, Kono, and Malia has been born. The gang will have priceless experiences when growing up together.

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