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Australian firefighters set up a truly incendiary photo shoot for the New Year’s calendar

The profession of a firefighter initially requires from those who choose it not only courage and fearlessness, but also compassion and empathy. And yet, Australian firefighters have been doing something extra good for the world for 25 years.

Each year, they arrange a thematic photo shoot to then sell New Year’s calendars and send the proceeds to charity.

This year, the theme was animals – very cute and, at the same time, “hot” photos.

The photo shoot takes 17 days, when guys have to combine one of the most difficult and dangerous professions in the world with grueling filming.

Last year, a post by Australian firefighters on Facebook, where they posted photos with cats, went viral. Therefore, for the new calendar, the kittens were “invited” to the shooting.

The proceeds from the sale of the 2019 calendar will go to the Australian Wildlife Zoo Hospital.

Translated and adapted by WuzzUp.

Source: BoredPanda .