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A series of adventures of the Photoshop master and his beautiful two-meter dog

The funny dog ​​Juji has become an Instagram star thanks to his owner Christopher Kline. Goldendoodle transforms into a 2m dog with Photoshop! And together with the owner, he goes in search of adventure.

Three years ago, Christopher moved to Buffalo, Minnesota. “In winter, it is brutally cold here, and I had to somehow keep myself busy. At first I just photoshopped random shots, and then I came up with a new direction. I didn’t plan it at all, ”the photographer admits.

Now Christopher and Giugi are famous on the Internet and in their own city. “People love what we do and are bombarded with compliments wherever we go.”

In the pictures, they often spend quiet days at home or in the park, and sometimes embark on adventures in the jungle or even space.