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20 loving owners who are ready to provide their pets with everything and a little more

Someone thinks that the main thing in the expression “pets” is animals. And the attitude towards them is appropriate. Others insist that the priority is given to the “household”, that is, these are family members who have as many rights and needs as a person. And even a little more, because a person can do a lot for himself, but they have paws! This means that there is no need to be modest and greedy.

He now has a banana-shaped crib. He likes.

Source: jambo_17 / reddit

This chicken coop was not cheap and was purchased exclusively for cats.

Source: Tiiiiinaaa / reddit

“For my birthday, I gave the dog many, many tennis balls”

Source: killaclown / reddit

He has not yet figured out how to react to a new rug.

Source: PeaCelGames / reddit

He is happy to wear his raincoat

Source: ltfrzr / reddit

Not a booth, but a full-fledged house for a dog!

Source: LuisCottoEMS / imgur

Santa Claus brought him presents for Christmas – a box of toys

Source: Selllma / imgur

What kind of hamster is that if he doesn’t have his own miniature raft?

Source: Past-Shower4622 / reddit

It’s all for cats – a giant playground

Source: imbakingalaska / reddit

Why not knit a scarf for a chicken?

Source: FloralRoseX / reddit

Portrait of a dog painted in old style

Source: julialicht1968 / reddit

The owner has a bike and the puppy will have his own!

Source: Quirky-Sector-4487 / reddit

Do not ask whether you need it or not, you wanted to – the cat will have a cardboard machine

Source: truebluead / reddit

Personal travel chair, since he loves walking so much

Source: Av_Tech_Guy / reddit

Kitty was invited to a tea party

Source: fairleenormal / imgur

Now the hamster has a lot of space, there is where to stretch his legs!

Source: freezewick / imgur

Home sweater for a pet

Source: Qu33nKittiee / imgur

The tailed beast is delighted with the new soft crib

Source: tikachu_ / reddit

Pet does not mind anything, even a hoodie

Source: 3rdAttemptAtWitty / imgur

When they look at you like that, you can do anything and more

Source: visuraXD / reddit