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20 watchdog dogs who violated all the standards of canine behavior, and are happy about it

Where are those times when powerful, stately dogs-heroes, together with a man, mastered new lands, fought with animals and built the foundations of civilization? A rubber toy, a synthetic rug and a walk on short legs to the nearest square – that’s the whole current fate of a dog. It is not surprising that many of them lose their natural “settings” from such distortions and the animal begins to behave strangely. Well, at least they don’t forget about humor!

When well, it’s very interesting what is there

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Little pug persistently learns headstand

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She said she didn’t mind. True, I did not ask directly, but I know what the answer will be.

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No, just look at who came to us!

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The pernicious influence of feline upbringing is immediately visible!

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Once upon a time, he was happy and suddenly lost heart of something

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And he dreams of how he clings with his teeth to the withers of a mammoth, and around the primitive hunters shout

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When you mess up and try to mow like a fool, so as not to be punished

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Indian yogis in chorus cry with envy, looking at the talents of this dog

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Almost a frame from horror films

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Something is not right here, but what exactly?

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You will behave with people and you will get enough of this from them! Where is my chair?

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If you want not to wash, you will not get so hot!

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Master, you would have got yourself a wife, or something. Play with you first, and then what? Cook borscht and wash socks?

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Just try to hint about the DNA test! Not the mother who gave birth, but the one who raised!

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What an excerpt! There are so many goals around, and at least he has something!

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When you remember something very important, but it’s already irrevocably late

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This is almost my copy, when cheerful and full of hope I run to work on Monday morning

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