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20 tailed crooks who, with their antics, make you draw attention to themselves

Even the most trained dog or clever cat does not miss an opportunity to have fun and learn something that will make the owners shake their heads for a long time. Why not? Living by the rules is incredibly boring, so you need to take breaks and return to childhood, when the whole world was big and interesting, and I wanted to taste everything.

I spent the night with friends who keep two cats. The only escape from these tailed beasts is the closed door!

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Apparently, they were celebrating their birthday and did not pay attention to the dog. That’s what came out of it.

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The cat did beg for a piece, but the dog is already right there and looks at this injustice

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Friends, let’s go to the yard in the morning, we will compete who barks louder

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The smell of the new renovation has not yet disappeared, but it has already tore up the new bar stool

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The reason why I never have flowers

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I read a book, and the cat comes up and scratches its face on the edge

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He likes his new “helmet” because he made it himself from the old ball

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Not everything is tasty that looks and smells beautiful

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Did you get dirty on purpose to be washed again?

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You are not a ninja, you are a fat face

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How can you get lost in an empty cardboard box? And here!

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What would you like to talk about this time?

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For the first time in 11 years he tore up the sack and consumed himself with flour. I myself am incredibly surprised at this.

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Getting to know catnip doesn’t go unnoticed

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Sand on your tongue and nose? And he is fine!

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This is a lamp for the turtles to keep them warm! Cat, can you hear me?

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The dog got so used to the cone that she put it on herself. True, backwards.

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Six months later, the cat repented and returned home. And what to do with this “prodigal son”?

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What, can’t you climb? And this is all because someone has a lot of wool, right?

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