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20 Proofs That You Will Never Teach Your Cat to Respect Personal Space

Even the most frantic hug lovers will admit that a person needs solitude. Opportunities to be alone and do the right things, all sorts of different. And what’s the problem? In cats! These dogs willingly teach commands and are no less willing to carry them out, but trying to control a cat is obviously useless. Especially if you eat a tasty and tailed monster decides that it has to taste your food!

Silly person, boring. No paws will reach to teach him wisdom.

Source: Raychull

Doesn’t let you play the game

Source: PrestonDark

This look makes it clear that the cat is not going to get off.

Source: bobslawnservice

There is no choice, if you don’t share the food, they will take everything away!

Source: keopidor

Now everything has become very serious. I even had to take up arms!

Source: eternal_starfish

Where will the cat sleep while the owner is sitting on the toilet? That’s right, in your pants down!

Source: HippieLady88

Strong and independent, you say? But the look points to something else!

Source: MissPants86

Why not play with your man when he decided to wash up?

Source: kenlayne

On the other hand, cats help us invent life hacks with their frantic activity!

Source: aigle321

Cats are very selective about how to crawl up to a person’s face.

Source: ig_gnome_inious

And then he will wave his wet tail right in her face

Source: chronicallyill_dr

So gracefully and unceremoniously, only a cat can make a person escape from work!

Source: aigle321

The kitten is sincerely trying to save a person in trouble! That is, washing in the shower.

And then the head of the family once again regretted that he had agreed to have a cat at home.

Source: yerbabuddy

Looks like a cool Renaissance painting. For example, “The humiliation of the obstinate beauty.”

Source: ValentinBoss

Can’t you breathe? Oops. And what did you think, man, when you brought the cat into the house?

Source: abaganoush

With such big eyes, cats watch this biped voluntarily climb into the bath

Source: roboticArrow

Out of habit, you can be embarrassed by such a look. Well, at least you’re already sitting on the toilet.

Source: Bubzyyy

Natasha, it’s time for you to lose weight! Look what delicious folds, like a bunch of sausages!

Source: Everythingvanishes

I wonder if she, too, will cut off a piece of clothing, as in an old parable?

Source: DressageDiva2You