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20 pictures from which the animal voice can clearly be heard “Let me inside!”

The best invention for domestic animals on a farm is a fence, and for those living right in the house it is a door. Nice, reliable, without flimsy locks that even a kitten can open if it hangs on the handle with all its kitten’s weight. With such a door, a person is reliably protected from the hooligan encroachments of our smaller brothers, but this does not mean that they will stop trying to get inside. On the contrary, the obstacle only provokes the pussies, and they begin to do all sorts of different things!

All domestic animals enthusiastically watch as the hostess bakes pies

He is even ready to sing a troubadour’s aria just to get inside!

Such a funny raccoon! Just like a man! But I won’t let you in.

Despair. Despair and fear froze in his eyes. How is that in general?

So, master, stop doing nonsense. I see everything!

I changed my mind! I agree to dry food, I don’t need live prey!

Now I will go inside and with this very paw I will knock you on the forehead!

How long will I have to hang here ?! Open it already, don’t break the comedy.

Of course, you can take your time to open the door. But I will remember everything!

I see that you are not in the least ashamed that I am getting wet and freezing here! Open up!

A futile attempt to do as in human cinema – legs are short

With every new snowflake on my head, revenge boils with renewed vigor. Let me in!

The dog wants to go to the house so much that it is ready for desperate measures!

How can you not open up to such a chic guest? Open your eyes – a real macho has appeared to you!

This cat has extra toes on its paws, which helps to climb, but still does not get into the house.

When she does this, she categorically does not want to open the door.

If you don’t open it urgently, I’ll tell him and he will knock down the door! Hoof!

How else can I get your attention and convey the idea of ​​”open the door”?

Look into my eyes! Don’t you need such a charming cutie?

Not for me, so at least for your favorite toy, do a favor, huh?