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20 Pets That Can Give Disguise Workshops for Scouts

In the wild, those who did not hide were eaten, so all the animals learned to hide so well that they retain these skills even as pets. It’s in their blood, the ability to find the best places and apply natural camouflage. And for us, stupid people, the only thing left is to observe and wonder how they do it.

And then suddenly the black void inside the pot opened green eyes

Source: PerspectiveFriendly / Reddit

The smaller the animal, the easier it is to hide


Source: last_vibeze / Reddit

Turtles saddled a crocodile to safely swim across the river

Source: TheRealReapz / Reddit

Reminds characters from different cartoons

Source: caddywaumpus / reddit

The dog pretends not to notice a foreign object on its head

Source: Finngiant1 / Reddit

He seems unhappy that his ambush was uncovered.


Sometimes the easiest way to hide is to stay where you are and flop down.

Source: sfindlay90 / Reddit

Hiding in a loud rustling bag is not a good idea.


The kitten has a great coat pattern for camouflage

Source: stuffed_pasta_shells / Reddit

Forgive the puppy or scold and teach how to hide?

Here the stake is not on patterns, but on the size of the frog itself

Source: Lemburger / Reddit

Well, he hid. And you found it. What will happen now?

Source: QueenOfTheBvrDammed / Reddit

Smarter owners buy boxes in advance so that they know exactly where to look for a pet later.

Source: dogfoodis / Reddit

Clear teamwork, a delight in the eyes of the commander

Source: FluffyMarshmalloo / Reddit

The dog really likes to hide in the thickets.

Source: wwwwweeeeelllll / Reddit

So big, but early on, only hides his head


This is who knew Zen in hide and seek!

Source: Soulger11 / Reddit

Hid without hind legs


Any package or bag must check for cotinspection

Source: HokieChazz / Reddit

If you don’t know, you can get scared

Source: pazimz / Reddit

The frog skillfully hid in plain sight

Source: PsychoPuppyParty / Reddit

I grew beautiful fish soup and stopped winning at hide and seek


And sometimes you get so used to them that you don’t even notice

Source: moominfromspace / Reddit