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20 of our smaller brothers who were unhappy in shelters, but found a family and flourished

If one day you wake up and realize that life is not sweet without someone four-legged to take care of, then go not to a pet store, but to an animal shelter. Yes, we still have few of them, but they are! And inside there are living souls, exhausted in loneliness, who are so eager to find their person, home and happiness. And these are not just words, but a little magic that transforms dogs and cats.

Now he’s doing well

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“We picked him up in a box by the road last summer.”

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Over the course of a year, Brownie grew up and was firmly registered in the house.

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The first day he was brought home today

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Literally in a day, she completely mastered

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At the shelter, he was forever sad and scared

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Past owners threw the cat out into the street, but he still believed people again

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Animals really start to smile when their lives change for the better.

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Look at how handsome he was after 4 months!

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Poppy became a plump and playful cat

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The cat froze on the street, but now it is always warm and cozy!

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The cat’s leg was amputated and no one needed it. Except for this girl.

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Miso the cat is certainly happy about such changes in life.

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They lived in different shelters and did not know about each other, and now they are best friends.

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Look how skinny she was! She’s all right now.

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Our furry friends grow, but habits don’t change

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We cured this clubfoot!

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Now the dog’s fur shines, and does not fall out

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Four months have passed and he has already forgotten life in the orphanage

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Eloquent shots, everything is shown without words

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Here comes Willie’s first anniversary! Happy Holidays!

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