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20 mischievous parrots that can give kittens and puppies a head start when it comes to mischief and mischief

The cat does not tear up the sofa because it is harmful, it just needs to sharpen its claws regularly. For the same reason, the puppy chews on everything – develops teeth and grip. Well, parrots by nature are obliged to break, peck and crush various small objects. It’s just that in the wild jungle all sorts of twigs get it, you don’t feel sorry for them, but sometimes very valuable things suffer in a person’s dwelling. And just do not scold the birds, they are not to blame for their instincts!

He definitely likes these gaming headphones.

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“I came home from work and found this picture. It looks like he’s guarding her sleep. “

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“That’s why I can’t work normally at home.”

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“He’s trying to get into the bathroom after I left him for 30 seconds.”

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Great T-shirt, I like

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I only have one claw, slightly, from the edge, until no one sees

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He does not know what it is, but he will easily use it!

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The parrot was offended, they took away a new toy from him – a phone case

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Like many animals, parrots are difficult to persuade to sit still and pose.

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Thanks to their tenacious claws, they can use people as playgrounds.

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However, they also do not stand on ceremony with each other.

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Who is handsome here? I’m the handsomest here!

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Here it is, happiness – when the bird falls asleep in your palm!

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“Fed on their own, now they fly in for breakfast every morning”

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A second before the touchy “Myavk!” Feathered hooligan!

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Well, how can you be angry with such a honey?

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Modesty itself. Only this is an extremely misleading impression.

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Selfie with parrots is a separate art form, not the easiest one

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Unlike a dog or a cat, they do not compete for a seat on the couch.

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“He’s a dunce, but I love him anyway!”

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