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20 cats that compete for the title of the best villain and scratch of the year

It turns out that cats normally bite at a quarter of their strength and scratch each other when flirting. And then, as if not seriously, and even uninteresting. Such a bestial reflection of the rule “Hits, then loves!” And therefore, you should not be offended by your cat when she hunts your hand or leg, this is such a gesture of trust! Although he sometimes looks very strange.

And now I will bite you! And how much love I will immediately convey!

Source: sleepparalysisstuck

If he knew how to growl, he would certainly do it now

Source: whack_with_poo-brain

Even looking scary

Source: Blue-Goat-Sleeping

No one can look at a stretching sphinx without a shudder

Source: kaldorei_lorewhore

A moment before throwing on the hand that strokes him. Out of gratitude, of course!

Source: enigmamonkey

Such a grin does not bode well! Get ready to get your fill of feline love!

Source: Katzotter

Again she takes pictures of me! I planted this in the grass, wet. Ugh.

Source: Cleai

Who did you call eared, two-legged? Well, hold on!

Source: 2Bor2Sleep

A screaming black cat is clearly worse than a black cat that silently crossed the road.

Source: Duncanwithacamera

Please tell me why this cat released its claws? Don’t like the handles?

Source: sundara108

The battle with the demons inside did not go according to plan

Source: Remarkable_Zuccini
Source: Remarkable_Zuccini

Why spread your fingers out while you sleep? To catch ghosts, or what?

Source: Hard__Cory

A clawed trap is comfortably located on the chair. Better not to try to sit down!

Source: this_is_for_dog_pics

This is how it happens! A typical expression of feline love and appreciation! We must bite him back!

Source: poeismyhero

Sometimes you shouldn’t look too persistently where the little kitty hid

Source: Blue-Goat-Sleeping

A hint that tygydyk and bite-kus will begin now?

Source: Richard_Butts69

Believe it or not, the picture is just a yawning kitty! Yes, that’s how they do it.

Source: flamingmoisture

The first acquaintance automatically escalated into the first war between neighbors

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When the owner is overly keen on the gadget, he needs to be reminded what the main priorities should be in his life.

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