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20 beasts that came from wild and harsh places to befriend humans

Every animal loves affection. Well, and a hearty meal, and then sleep in safety, where without it. But here’s the problem: there is nowhere to expect kindness and cordiality in the wild. Perhaps from mother to her cubs, but when they grow up, they also lose this privilege. So if you manage to find a person and make friends with him, then it’s a sin to miss such an opportunity – they will scratch behind the ear and even on the belly!

Gentlemen, we are closed, come tomorrow!

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“My sister picked up a kitten on the side of the road. After a couple of hours, she began to suspect something … “

Source: Wildwildworld / pikabu

A little girl brought a calf home. Isn’t it a pet?

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A deer wandered into a wedding photo session and pushed the bride out of the frame

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“She is not afraid of people, and even so impudent that she spoils my flowerpots.”

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Domestic chanterelles are of course very cute, but you still need to keep them in the yard.

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“My cats are watching the squirrel feast on the nuts specially left for her.”

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Frankie the Squirrel quickly realized that it was easier to beg for nuts from these two-legged than to personally search

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The sofa is on an open veranda, behind which there is a forest. Here is such a red-haired guest with us today.

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He tamed the lizard for six days, fed it with bugs. Then she began to approach herself, and on the 9th day she climbed into his palm.

Source: samz7777 / reddit

One goose is domestic, the other is wild. He made friends with his family and hung out with him on the farm for a year.

Source: Kallikana / reddit

Little raccoons can easily decorate kittens and puppies by their mimicry

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If you live close to wildlife, be prepared for unexpected visits!

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Hummingbird reaction to attempts to photograph it

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Squirrel city, park. She is not afraid of anything, she has seen everything. And what a brazen one!

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The turtle is old and trusting, it has been coming into the house for several years to ask for trimming of vegetables

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For a whole year, the baby deer was nursed and raised on the farm, and then returned to the forest. A year later, she brought her kids to meet.

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He is still a chick, but he will grow up to be a strong and courageous falcon.

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This insolent man gnawed all the dandelions and scared our dogs – they had never seen such a beast

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This is how you want to walk around Antarctica, but they took you and appointed you as your mother

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