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18 tailed fellow travelers who will surely brighten up any trip

When you go by public transport, especially to distant lands, it is always a lottery – who will be a neighbor in the chair and what kind of fellow travelers will be. To be honest, experienced travelers are pre-set for the worst, for people are people. But animals are a completely different matter, usually on the way from them there are much more positives. You don’t have to go far for examples, here they are!

The front seat is not allowed, then you need to find a way to squeeze closer to the owner

Source: Kaazje / reddit

How lucky! This one will definitely not recline the seat back to the maximum.

Source: PoonSwoggle / reddit

Someone is afraid to drive a car, you have to calm down

Source: counterspell / reddit

Don’t see the sign? Places for seniors, women with children and cats.

Source: sativa832 / reddit

Can I ride on your handles? Of course you can!

Source: imgur

An exceptionally exemplary passenger who did not bother anyone and behaved the best

Source: rumblewayne / reddit

It’s cold outside, and it’s also blowing from the window, so you can’t go without a sweater

Source: akaStifflersMom / reddit

They travel in different directions and meet by chance

Source: akaStifflersMom / reddit

We did not immediately notice him, he sat so quietly there

Source: SagaNorenP / reddit

See this look? We never managed to persuade him to sit in the carrier.

Source: parkstrasse / reddit

He is afraid to drive, so he is comfortable down there.

Source: KokaiKakusa / reddit

He smiled so sincerely at strangers!

Source: veethebunny / reddit

A charming bearer of good manners and upbringing. The dog is on duty!

Source: OwenChillson / reddit

All he needs is constant contact with the master’s hand.

Source: lost_among_the_stars / reddit

Where to go is not important, the main thing is that together with the hostess

Source: UniPegaSaurus27 / reddit

Extremely comfortable chair bag for small pets

Source: Kevlar Yarmulke / reddit

An easy way to brighten up a long boring flight

Source: captainrustic / reddit

And who wanted to go for a ride here?

Source: lnfinity / reddit