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18 seals who deftly and calmly seized human habitation and declared their territory

0,000 years ago, man made a big mistake – he tamed a cat among other animals. Well, who then knew what these furry monsters were capable of? For example, skillfully transforming our home into our own, and we are also used to enjoying it. Something like “let the cat into the house first” or “we can’t imagine home comfort without a cat on our knees”. They all brainwashed us, and are using the results of a large-scale operation, but we cannot do anything. And is it necessary to do something, because how can we do without them?

“This is not my cat, but he has almost figured out how to get into my house”

Source: Chicken-cat / reddit

“This is my cat, but the house is not mine”

Source: purplehippotato / reddit

“Someone else’s cat climbed into my car and behaves like the owner”

Source: strebork / reddit

“This guy comes to my house to get some treats and sleep.”

Source: Super_Gamps / reddit

“Agnes the cat next door loves to come to my garage and sleep.”

Source: Mean ** MIL / reddit

“Looks judgmental as I shower. Shaggy critic. “

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Well, let it go! I need urgent business!

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“Every time he seeps into the house in an unknown way to sleep on my bed.”

Source: LeResistance / reddit

“I have 3 cats. I know them all to the tips of their mustaches, but this is the first time I’ve seen this. “

Source: Tagledal / reddit

So you stop in the middle of the street, look around, and someone’s cat has already laid down on your feet

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“I have no idea whose cats these are. And I feel uncomfortable with their appraising looks. “

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“While I was napping in a hammock, there was one more settler on the site.”

Source: I_See_You_Stories / reddit

This year, seedlings were not done at all, because it is useless – with such and such a weighty problem

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Serenity itself, perfect relaxation and complete peace. The neighbor’s cat knows that no one will bother him.

Source: Vampiresona / reddit

“Her name is Fluf. This is not my cat. And because of her, I have been unable to use my basket for six months. ”

Source: woodlousetamer / reddit

“Nobody knows whose he is, where he is from and how he lives. But he comes to visit us every day. “

Source: TheGhostInMyArms / reddit

Bob the cat will be a house cat as long as it suits him. And vice versa.

Source: rachelraaay / reddit

“Someone else’s beast has occupied my work chair! Nightmare! And how to work now? “

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