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18 real life examples of what a clumsy cute puppy can grow up to unexpectedly

This is a common hack in all mammals, a newborn individual can grow to an unknown size. That is, at the start, they are all approximately the same in size, and then the pink-bellied baby becomes an Olympic bodybuilder, and the fur barker on short legs becomes a woolen toothed monster. Or it doesn’t. Or not a monster, but a slobbering kind dog who never learned to realize his size, and therefore, with a slight movement of his tail, demolishes the interior during games.

I didn’t stop the dog from sitting on her knees, now she’s paying the price

Source: Akschmalz / Reddit

Nicely sat down on the sofa

Source: mac_is_crack

Against the background of the boy, he looks like just a giant

Source: theimaginaryzebra

Snubbiness is a sign of canine quality. And good appetite.

Source: blackedouts3 / Reddit

A well-mannered dog is waiting to be stroked, although with his size he could have demanded it by force

Source: mamagutz / Reddit

This Cane Corso’s name is Bruce Wayne, and there is no need to explain why

Source: Unicornglitteryblood / Reddit

By the 11th month of life, the puppy has become taller than the owner, but does not think to stop growing

Source: Malliemomx5 / Reddit

Come on, joke about fighting dogs. What, has the tongue gone?

Source: AshThirdy12 / Reddit

His gaze reads “And when will the owner grow up and stop carrying me in his arms?”

Source: ScotchtapeCabbage / Reddit

Either the girl is miniature, or the doggie is huge

Source: jacksonpanda

A simple stool radically changed the lives of these two, separated by a tall fence. The second dog has no stool. He’s just naturally very big.

Source: Beetlejuicex3babe / Reddit

With this “anti-theft device” the car is completely safe!

Source: m0llie **** itch / Reddit

A good girl should have her own good boy! And more!

Source: Theebeardedbard / Reddit

Try to forbid such a “singing”! No, let him have fun.

Source: Malliemomx5 / Reddit

One-year-old Great Dane puppy is a large creature, you won’t say anything

Source: bmoc9891 / Reddit

Who takes up the most space on the couch?

Source: chfm / Reddit

With such a defender, the protected character cannot be physically approached

Source: mamagutz / Reddit

One has ears and feeds on grass, and the other does not. No more difference.

Source: snapsgoal1 / Reddit