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17 unprecedentedly arrogant cats who just strive to climb where they should not

About the impudence, impudence and self-confidence of the feline legends add up. But it’s one thing to listen to stories, and quite another to see it with your own eyes! It is especially impressive when the animal is told thirty-three times that it is not allowed to climb here, but it still does it in its own way. And he looks at you as if nothing had happened.

As soon as someone finishes taking a shower, our cat is right there. Sits and watches the drops of water flow down.

Source: imgur

Several beds are equipped for him around the apartment, but during working hours he sleeps where this cannot be done.

Source: linkmodo / reddit

My cat opens the dresser doors and climbs in there to take a nap.

Source: inf0cat / reddit

Our cat is not indifferent to shoes, it is impossible to drive him out of the shoe rack.

Source: imgur

Water tastes better in a garden watering can than in your own bowl in the kitchen

Source: TikusTakusen / reddit

I don’t even know whether to praise or scold? How she thought of making herself a soft sleeping place.

Source: IDGriffo / reddit

I’m a rook! Just striped – very rare breed.

Source: margenfeld / reddit

This is what the expression “pipe tail” looks like.

Source: UnclassifiableHum / reddit

Where are you putting your towels? Can’t you see I’m lying here!

Source: Jennyojello / reddit

There was my coffee in the glass, and now her paw

Source: QuiGonGiveItToYa / reddit

There is water in the bowl, but it tastes better from the toilet!

Source: Mithapa / reddit

Open crates mysteriously lure cats. Checked!

Source: keepitswolsome / reddit

You’ve got all kinds of rubbish lying around here, and now the real value has appeared – me!

Source: bitanshu / reddit

Come on, start washing the dishes, and I’ll check

Source: ApulMadeekAut / reddit

Sat in the toilet and refuses to get out. So what to do with it?

Source: AliPali555 / reddit

What a happy face! In my plate …

Source: rubies-and-doobies81 / reddit

Something is not right here, but what is it?

Source: uranonfraand / reddit