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17 examples of domestic cats preventing people from relaxing in their own home

Only curiosity is stronger than feline egoism and the eternal desire to enjoy delicious food. It killed many of these animals, according to the proverbs. In practice, this often leads to the fact that after the appearance of the kitten in the house, the owners are surprised to find out how many secret places around. You will definitely not be bored with a restless and curious creature, and peace will be possible in those rare moments when the tailed monster runs up and sleeps.

There is no doubt about who climbed into the fireplace and scattered the ash

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You never know where you will find your cat

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Who will be more stubborn: a cat that wants to take a walk or its owner?

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Advice from cat lovers: hide a roll of toilet paper in the back closet, it may come in handy

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Cats Think Curtains Are Fun Amusement Park Rides

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“I gave it back, and when I turned around, I saw it on the windshield!”

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All girls want to be beautiful!

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A cat knows how to use a computer is a fact

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Blackie occupied the coffee maker and refuses to let us in to her

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If you do not put a chair near the bathroom so that the cat can sit and observe, it will not work out calmly.

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Only scotch tape on the doors helps, otherwise she would have turned everything on the shelves long ago

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Helps with hair as best he can

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When a few pounds of furry ass press on the hand, it becomes problematic to work

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It’s easy to climb in, harder to get out. Output? Shout louder, maybe they’ll save you.

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When you are cooking something, especially fish, you will always have an annoying helper.

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Loves to be the center of attention and achieves it in every way

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Looking for something and can’t find it? Look under the cat!

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