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17 cute examples of how completely different animals can be friends

In the wild, the concept of “friendship” is often replaced by symbiosis, for example, when someone big allows small creatures to run around and eat parasites. But there are exceptions, and the closer the animals are to humans, the more such exceptions are. Yet we can teach our smaller brothers something good, not just bad. Look and you will understand everything yourself!

He has a friend a dolphin

Source: Dolamite09

It’s good to sit in the village with a friend on the grass

Source: NeonGyllenhaal

Dogs are probably the easiest way to make friends.

Source: Onegoofyguy

They are so different that such a picture is touching and awe-inspiring!

Source: CYBERSson

If a cat and a dog are brought up together from childhood, the saying will lose its relevance.

Source: ventronix42

What other “lunch”? This is my friend, and I am his friend!

Source: Vincent_Penning

Gorgeous frame! No, seriously, you can’t take it off on purpose!

Source: risk-is-write

Two dogs in the shelter became so friendly that they had to be sent to a new family only together.

Source: Weekly-Description-3

Oh, these feline tenderness! Well, okay, I’ll be patient a little more.

Source: BasedOnAir

Hold on, help! She wants to take him away! We will not give it up!

Source: whydowelookback

Everyone in the neighborhood knows that John and Mickey are friends, do not spill water

Source: SuperPowerAxe

They look happy

Source: Billybong91

I wonder what the kitten thinks at the sight of a huge horse? And the thoughts of the horse are also interesting to read.

Source: Candpolit

Dog and horses have learned walking schedules and are always found in this place

Source: bunnythumper7

A few weeks ago, the dog was assigned to look after the goat and this grew into a friendship between them.

Source: Nukemm33

One wild, the other home. But both kids and then perceive the world with an open heart.

Source: lnfinity

One stick for two is definitely a sign of a strong friendship!

Source: sc00byj3w

You can endlessly be touched by such friendship. And they are happy to give us such an opportunity.