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17 cats that have mastered the profession of an advertiser-barker in a way that a person will never succeed in

The stupid, inexperienced owner of the store chases away the stray cats, and the one who is skilled in the trade, on the contrary, will present her with a box with a soft pillow. And it is desirable at the entrance, so that buyers immediately come across a sleeping purr, smile and wake up. You can also add a funny inscription or a saucer with coins “For food”. And such a lively ingenuous advertisement is very effective!

Customers who come for a bottle forget what they wanted

Source: alcademics

White beauty with heterochromia regularly gets a tip

Source: jh_hinzel

Let me take you to the fish department?

Source: johnbowmankhun

The inscription “I walked on a T-shirt with not dried paint.” Buy a couple or they’ll punish me!

Source: welldonegoods

Settled comfortably, just like at home

Source: myersofkeswick

The local black lord is on guard in the territory entrusted to him

Source: emmastory

Who can look into those eyes and not make a purchase? Nobody, of course!

Source: colineganmusic

His defect gives him charm. What else do you need to trade flowers?

Source: skillins

A cat that shows with all its kind that life is good!

Source: argenisphoto

The best seller in the alcohol department cannot be imagined! You look and immediately feel like drinking.

Source: brookelabrooke

Seeing such a gorgeous kitty makes you want to play board games!

Source: geekyteas

The best place to stay is where money rustles over your ear!

Source: ginatron

While people are messing around, the cat is on duty!

Source: rivi666

Don’t repeat my mistake, take a big package!

Source: lizbreeezy

It is immediately obvious that the food is of high quality, otherwise why would he sit there?

Source: amandafarias.nyc

There are always a lot of boxes in stores. And cats love boxes. How well everything is going!

Source: clintmichigan

What does the press write there?

Source: bemusedpete

The soldier sleeps, and the service goes on

Source: babytrashjesus_

They added a little homeliness to these shops.