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15 men who were against the introduction of pets, now look at them

Usually if a man says “No”, then this means precisely that refusal, prohibition, unwillingness to accept what was offered. Therefore, it is important to just ignore the answer and do it your own way if you want to have a pet. An adult man, of course, will be offended at first, but this will pass quickly, because they simply have nothing to oppose to the charm of cute animals. In less than a week, they will lisp with them!

The elder plays, and the younger watches – it has always been this way.

Source: Ambrosiousbaby / reddit

The father loves our dog so much that my mother had to give her the front seat in the car

Source: homerchick / pikabu

He said that he did not want this “little monster” at home, and now he cannot live without him

Source: LordHamish / reddit

And why was it initially to abandon the dog, to roll up scandals?

Source: aflylikeyou / reddit

Yes, this is the same person who saw no point in a parrot at home

Source: cass-idy-223 / reddit

After the appearance of the dog in the house, he suddenly became allergic to them.

Source: SirBowdog / reddit

It is still impossible for a cat on the table, but feeding on handles is easy

Source: FreeDwooD / reddit

Kitty wanted to play with a string, so he decided to help a little

Source: Ilikecows13 / reddit

The dog is always happy to keep his father company

Source: guccimcsauceface / reddit

This suit was ordered by the father in secret from everyone – he wanted to make a surprise!

Source: valbee3 / reddit

Another example of someone who miraculously recovered from a wool allergy

Source: No_Awareness5033 / reddit

These two love to sit like this in the morning and be silent thoughtfully. They say we just don’t understand them.

Source: AlphaAmixorp / reddit

The guy spends more time with the dog than with the girl, although it was her gift

Source: pyxl-ink / reddit

Kittens will win whoever you want, even the big and strong! Here’s the proof.

Source: imasauceygirl / reddit

At first he was against the cat in the house with all his hands and feet, and now he is building a house for her.

Source: kariiann / reddit