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15 funny and illogical things pets do that puzzled their owners

It is quite interesting to observe the animals, both for the inhabitants of the wild nature and for domestic pussies. The latter generally take on a lot, have long lost their caution and often think of themselves as the main ones in the house. In practice, of course, everything is not so, which leads to strange incidents and funny curiosities! But you definitely don’t have to be bored with them.

He was unhappy that the owner did not take his crib to the hotel.

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Your two school friends, who for some reason your parents disliked

Source: Boojibs / reddit

Shows off his Hollywood smile

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He learns some unique way of horizontal walking.

Source: F_Moss_3 / reddit

Sorry boss, the cat won’t let me work

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The kitty was driven from her knees to the sofa, and she was demonstratively offended

Source: speedycat2014 / reddit

There used to be a door here, but it was moved during the renovation. But the dog doesn’t know about it!

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Yum is under her nose, but she stubbornly tries to lick a hole in the bowl.

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Goonies! What did you do with the ball?

Source: Kangaroo / reddit

It is difficult to choose the best sleeping position!

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Dominate! Conquer! The buzz!

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Probably they are so comfortable. They stand and are silent.

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Is that what they found so interesting there that they were sitting and staring at the lamp?

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Judging by the look, the intellect did not run there. Why did you climb into the bowl with your paws?

Source: AWU_Hades / reddit

Farted in a dream, woke up from fright and ran away to hide behind a curtain. Here is my cat.

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