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10+ Gorgeous Photos Of Dracula Parrot That You Can’t Take Your Eyes Off

If you are a lover of fluffy flying animals, this post will be right up your street. It introduces 15 gorgeous photos of the Dracula parrot that you can’t take your eyes off. This parrot makes its name for its pitch-black beak, head and tail, a black and grey chest, and scarlet feathers. These fit in the name “Dracula” of this parrot, right? Its half-bald heads, along with these features make it more standout and attractive, comparing to other parrots.

The Dracula parrot also goes by the name Pesquet’s parrot and the vulturine parrot. It’s quite hard to identify whether the parrot is male or female at the first look. Female parrots don’t have that small red spot behind their ears. Pesquet’s parrots are large and can reach up to 18 inches from their beaks to the end of their tails. It’s worth mentioning that these gorgeous parrots produce quite peculiar noises that are often described as rasping and growling.

This post aims to offer more. It hopes to raise the awareness of the community about wild bird poaching as the Pesquet’s parrot’s population is decreasing. Let’s give a helping hand to keep these parrots and other animals alive and safe!

Here are other photos of Dracula parrots!